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- Dawson Church

Dear Friend,

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Most people mistakenly believe that “success” means the results you achieve. In fact, “success” is the process you use to achieve results. Being a successful person means operating at peak performance levels. That’s exactly what the Peak Performance Program will help you do – in all areas of your life.

This information-packed course gives you access to cutting-edge information, new ideas and crème-de-la-crème strategies from a faculty of the world’s most successful people.

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  • Riveting interviews with 33 international thought leaders in the world. These internationally acclaimed researchers, authors, athletes and experts reveal the latest findings about success in the key areas of life – information you can apply immediately to begin improving your results.You’ll learn from legends of success such as Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), John Gray (Men Are from Mars), Marci Shimoff (Happy for No Reason), and Phil Town (Rule #1 Hedge Fund Manager).When you enroll today, you’ll get instant, unlimited digital access to recordings of all 33 interviews – each 60+ minutes long. Listen online or download the mp3s to your computer. (A $497 Value)
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  • Bonus exercises, techniques and meditations. The 33 members of this thought-leader faculty have assembled incredible bonus resources to help you accelerate your mastery and implementation of the lessons they share. (A $97 Value)
  • 3 Peak Performance Meditation and/or Hypnosis Recordings. Use these short recordings to shift your brain into a peak performance state of “flow.” Download them to your mp3 player or smartphone for easy access whenever you need to be at your best.(A $97 Value)

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This brief, yet brilliant, training addresses the #1 complaint that keeps many people from achieving their dreams: "I don't have time." You'll discover:

  • How to dump your to-do list ... hone in the items that are truly essential to your success (what I call your "Success List").
  • The criteria to use when deciding which items will get you to your goals quickest
  • Super-productivity tools to keep you focused … no matter what's going on around you

You'll also get "The Ninja Nine" – stealth tactics that show you how to subdue your email inbox with skill and artistry.

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In the Peak Performance program, I’ll show you how to:

  • Re-set your “comfort zones” to unlock your full potential
  • Discover the “money mindsets” that the 1% use, secrets that can double or triple your income
  • Experience twice as much energy and feel 10 years younger than you do right now
  • Enjoy a romantic relationship that never loses that spark of attraction that drew you together, even 20 years down the road
  • Create investments that allow you to retire much, much, much sooner than you expect—for the price of a cup of coffee a day
  • Make that risky career move, grab that investment opportunity, ask for that raise, work in your ideal environment, and negotiate fearlessly for what you want
  • Learn a simple self-hypnosis trick that unlocks your creativity any time
  • Program your mind to automatically and unconsciously draw in your highest good in wealth, love, and health
  • Learn simple – yet highly effective – meditation methods from the masters
  • Identify advanced techniques from energy medicine that allow you to change your physical health on a deep cellular level—simply by adjusting your energy with your mind
  • Trigger your body to reduce skin wrinkles, strengthen bones, and build greater muscle mass
  • And much more! Get started here…
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Here's what clients are saying...

I really enjoyed the course. The techniques are incredibly useful and very applicable to my practice. A perfect balance of lectures, demonstrations, and practice sessions. I liked the way the material was broken down into bite-sized pieces and taught systematically, it gave me a better grasp of the techniques. Overall, a very satisfying experience.” 

~ Lawrence Paternich, RN

“The reality that you are not stuck with the present story of yourself but you can create a great new story of yourself and move it to any great level that you wish it to be. How wonderful is that.”

~ Voula C.

“I was very pleased with the course, the presenter, and the material. It far surpassed my expectations. Modeling the techniques was very helpful.

~ Casey Courie, MFT

“Wow, what a great line up of speakers! Thank you, I have been fascinated and really enjoying what I have heard.”

~Simone S.

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Dawson Church

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