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When Does The Symposium Start?

As soon as you have setup you create your username after your purchase. If you don't have your username yet please check your email for post-purchase information... you should have a payment confirmation and a separate email with username information in case you didn't create your username immediately after purchase.

Where Can I Find A List of Speakers?

A few of the speakers are Jack Canfield, Margaret Lynch, John Gray, Malcolm Gladwell and many more who reveal their powerful insights on business, sales, relationships, love, and many practical how-to information that you can put into practice immediately. You can see a complete list with links to their content here...


What Happens After I Decide To Participate?

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260_PeakPerformance_wPeak Performance Symposium

You will question the limiting stories you’ve told yourself about how much you can achieve, how much you can earn, how fit and healthy it’s possible to get, how much pleasure it’s possible to experience, and how high a quality life you can expect. Your team of experts will guide you through the steps they followed to get there, making sure you don’t have to stumble over the same obstacles that tripped them up, allowing you to succeed in record time.