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FREE enrollment in Perform Beyond Your Best, a live, on-line coaching program with Dawson Church and guest coaches Jack Canfield, Janet Attwood, Pamela Bruner and others. This 9-week experience runs through October 23rd. Regular tuition is $5,000 as a stand-alone purchase but is included as a bonus when you register for a workshop below:

EFT Level 1 & 2 plus Tapping Day

Orlando, FL

Sat Oct 4 – Wed Oct 8

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EFT Level 1 & 2 plus Tapping Day

Los Angeles, CA

Sat Oct 18 – Wed Oct 22

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Take a live state-of-the-art training in Clinical EFT, which incorporates the best practices from all the clinical trials of EFT in a step-by-step training program. EFT is far more than tapping; in fact there are 48 distinct and powerfully effective techniques described in the Clinical EFT system.

This phenomenal live training is based on observing thousands of people learn EFT over the past decade. It’s enabled us to identify exactly how they absorb the information, in order to establish a solid and effective practice. It incorporates advanced training materials, along with 12 hours of live demonstrations of particular aspects of the techniques, one-on-one work with other practitioners, and dialog and feedback sessions.

You’ve probably realized that you’re just scratching the surface of what EFT can do for:

  • Your love life
  • Your financial situation
  • Your peace of mind

If you had a way to learn EFT in depth, it could revolutionize your work life, your financial life, your relationships with colleagues, friends, and loved ones, and your general satisfaction with life. This Clinical EFT training gives you the skill base to apply EFT systematically to each part of your life.

In the first workshop, Level 1, you learn the fundamentals of Clinical EFT over the course of two days. In 8 modules, starting with “The Science of EFT,” we review the biology of stress, and how to use EFT as a stress-reduction tool. In the final module we demonstrate how easy it is to control cravings for chocolate, tobacco, sweets and alcohol using EFT.

In the second two-day workshop, Level 2, you learn EFT’s “Gentle Techniques.” These are specially designed for painful or upsetting memories and situations. You also learn to work with groups, with children, and with healing professionals. The fifth and final day is a “Tapping Day” in which you practice and cement your new-found skills.

Here are the benefits that research shows participants receive from participating in an EFT workshop:


  • Pain: Average reduction -68% 1
  • Depression: Average reduction -74% 2
  • Anxiety: Average reduction -42% 3
  • Phobias: Average reduction -68% 4
  • PTSD: Average reduction -51% 5
  • Cravings: (e.g. for Food, Chocolate, Alcohol, Cigarettes): Average reduction -83% 1
  • Cortisol: Average reduction -24%6

Imagine how different your life would be if your psychological symptoms improved that much! These aren’t just anecdotal claims; they’re from studies published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals. Your trainer will be Dawson Church, PhD, who has been a primary researcher in the studies that have proven EFTs efficacy. Dawson has appeared in hundreds of media interviews about the science behind EFT, and has twice testified before congressional committees about EFT.

Please do yourself the favor of taking the next step, and enroll for a Clinical EFT workshop today. To make it easy for you, we’re offering these on both the East and West coasts of the US in the next few weeks. It’s time to dump the problems that have been holding you back and embrace your full potential with EFT.

Video: The Magic of an EFT Workshop

All EFT workshops are eligible for CE (Continuing Education) and CME (Continuing Medical Education) credit.

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  • … and you will automatically be enrolled in Perform Beyond Your Best. It’s that simple! If you’ve been thinking of taking one of our speciality workshops, or an EFT Level 1 and 2, now is the time.

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Perform Beyond Your Best

fade-leftfade-rightHere's what people are saying

The power of freeing the emotions really does heal the body. Since the workshop, I feel great!

John Curtin

I have been doing EFT for eight years, and teaching classes of my own, yet the EFT Universe Level 1 and 2 workshops took me to a whole new level of insight into the potential of this healing tool.

Cammy O'Donnel, ThD

Being new to EFT, I found the workshop informative and definitely valuable to my personal development. I came here with some very specific problems, and what I thought were very complicated questions. I found they were all answered. I look forward to continuing my journey with EFT through these excellent trainings.

Trey Johnson

EFT has changed many things in my life. It has allowed me to forgive the person who attacked me, and move on. EFT has opened many doors, and allowed me to do things I had not done in years. Thank you EFT Universe for making this fantastic resource available to so many people through your trainings.

Wendy Martin

The workshops were taught so well that, even though they were brief, I now feel I have enough ability to be able to introduce EFT into the clinical setting with confidence. I've become certified in many other modalities, such as the Sedona Method, EMDR, and Gestalt, and I can truthfully say that the EFT Universe workshops represented the best of the best in terms of their content, structure, and presentation.

Angie Garner, PhD

The training was excellent. Lots of energy shifted in all the participants, but especially in me! The exercises were very practical, and I came away with a hands-on feel for the basic concepts like aspects, the generalization effect, finding core beliefs, and the importance of finding specific events to tap on.

Jeremy Benveniste, MD

Dawson is an amazing facilitator. He's caring, kind, and totally walks his talk. I'm thrilled and grateful to have had this opportunity to learn and grow with him. My understanding of EFT increased immensely after this masterful workshop presentation.

Ruth Lanham-Taylor, PhD

I was most surprised at how much give and take was involved in the EFT workshop. This easy exchange of energy allowed us to process and heal on a deep level. Dawson honored everyone's process, and the idea of loving myself, whether as client or coach, become beautifully real to me.

Zelda Joyce Davison, LCSW

An excellent workshop in all aspects, it was well-organized and well-presented. I am excited to start practicing EFT on myself and those around me. I would highly recommend these EFT Universe workshops, they are transformational!

Geoff Jack Bannister

260_PeakPerformance_wPeak Performance Symposium

You will question the limiting stories you’ve told yourself about how much you can achieve, how much you can earn, how fit and healthy it’s possible to get, how much pleasure it’s possible to experience, and how high a quality life you can expect. Your team of experts will guide you through the steps they followed to get there, making sure you don’t have to stumble over the same obstacles that tripped them up, allowing you to succeed in record time.