Perform Beyond Your Best:
A 9-week coaching program with
Dawson Church, PhD

  • Are you feeling irritated that increasing your income has been harder than you thought it would be?
  • Are you struggling to balance work and play and family time?
  • Has your diet or exercise plan stalled?
  • Do you have a feeling deep inside that there’s more, but you can’t figure out your next move?
  • Have you reached a professional plateau?
  • Do you need a push to take you to the next level?
  • Are you looking for the most powerful new techniques for rapid change?
  • Do you want to work with famous celebrity coaches with a proven track record?

Perform Beyond Your Best is a state-of-the-art 9 week live group program designed to coach you beyond the limits of what you now believe possible. It puts you on the fast track to radical personal change.

fade-leftfade-rightIt utilizes the most advanced techniques, such as:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Mindfulness
  • EFT Tapping
  • Heart Coherence
  • Automatic Regulation
  • Eco-Meditation

You will complete a scientifically validated assessment at the beginning and end of the program. It measures your mental performance characteristics, happiness, and psychological states.


Then together we utilize scientifically validated tools that create permanent change. These tools help rebalance and reverse age you! They work at the level of your neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, at the level of the genes that regulate your stress response, and at the level of your hormones like cortisol and DHEA (your main anti-aging hormone).

fade-leftfade-rightThe Course Includes:

  • Live group coaching calls in which you can ask questions and receive personal expert guidance
  • Weekly exercises and readings
  • Membership to an exclusive private group

Replays will be available for all the coaching calls!

fade-leftfade-rightThe curriculum is based on the following books:

The progress you can make in 9 weeks with this level of coaching and feedback will astound you!

260_PeakPerformance_wPeak Performance Symposium

You will question the limiting stories you’ve told yourself about how much you can achieve, how much you can earn, how fit and healthy it’s possible to get, how much pleasure it’s possible to experience, and how high a quality life you can expect. Your team of experts will guide you through the steps they followed to get there, making sure you don’t have to stumble over the same obstacles that tripped them up, allowing you to succeed in record time.